• The theory? In 1929, this observation was taken to indicate that the universe is expanding.[1] If the universe is seen to be expanding today, then it must have been smaller, denser, and hotter in the past. This idea has been considered in detail all the way back to extreme densities and temperatures, and the resulting conclusions have been found to conform very closely to what is observed.
  • to explain it via the k.i.s.s.(keep it super simple) method There was nothing and it blew up and then there was something
  • my answer is that in the beginning....... ther was nothing but rocks and gas forming into one big rock............ which became so heavy it collapsed inside itself, then all the fire making gases wre mixed becaude of it....... the big rock imploded, then exploded
  • BANG!!!! . That's about as brief as it gets.
  • It comprises the theory that the universe was too big to contain itself because when space abhors a vacuum the sheer length of infinite space warped and produced friction which caused particles and due to gravity they accumulated until the ball got very hot and produced thermonuclear fission in its core and could not contain its mass index and blew up under pressure

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