• Mostly it is because these people have been brainwashed themselves, usually from an early age, to believe in the sectarian view that only one way is right. Born-again worshippers are even worse, because they feel an urgent need to make up for lost time, so want to convert more unwashed more quickly. People who practice such things as Wicca have usually been led there by curiosity, or a desire for something more, and so their mind is already open to the possibility that this may not be right for them. If there is that possibility then there also exists the possibility that it is not right for other people. In summary, then, established major religions discourage questioning minds while trying to stamp a single vision on all their worshippers. More peripheral religions are more accepting of people's questions and curiosity, and actively encourage only those who find that feeling of 'rightness' to participate.
  • I am going to say right here, publicly, that not all Wiccans are open-minded (even though the religion is). If you believe that we are all open-minded, go out to WitchVox and read the comments ( to the articles posted on Wren's Nest some day. The numerous rants about others - and Christians, in particular - are bigoted, abusive, intolerant, and embarrassing. Whether they quote the Rede or the Commandments, intolerant bigots are intolerant bigots. I also want to say right here, publicly, that not all Christians behave in the manner you describe in your question. I have many friends of many different faiths, and the Christians among them do not behave this way. Stereotyping all Christians by the behavior of a subsection of Christians is also intolerant. To sum up the first two paragraphs: your question makes false, insulting generalizations and is, in and of itself, an example of intolerance. Now, on to the answer to the question... The religion of Wicca is open-minded and contains beliefs against proselytizing. Proselytizing is considered disrespectful, and most Wiccans are adamantly against it. Attempting to "save" or "convert" someone requires the inherent presupposition that the person's current religion (or lack thereof) is wrong. This is an egocentric viewpoint that disrespects everyone's individual right to self-determination and self-discovery. Christianity, on the other hand, openly encourages proselytizing. Some sects/denominations actually REQUIRE it. Biblical passages exist that back up this behavior, and tell believers to spread the good word. It is their fervent belief that they need to intervene in your life and help you find and develop a personal relationship with Yahweh/Jehova/Jesus to save your precious immortal soul from Hell. So many - if not most - of these Christians are simply thinking that they are HELPING you. It does not occur to them that they are disrespecting you and your beliefs. On the darker side of established religion, this also has a financial motive. Believers donate offerings to the church and tithe. Simple mathematics tells you that more believers = more money. This has happened in history. My personal pet peeve is when they begin to tell you all about your religion, and it is obvious that they haven't the slightest clue what they are talking about. This behavior irks me because it is highly arrogant. (You've approached me, you are then going to invite yourself to "straighten out" my life/religion, then you are going to claim to know more about my religion than I do...that's irritating.) But, again, they have their Biblical phrases and preachers/dogma that tell them that worship of anything (or even complete non-worship) not Yahweh/Jehova/Jesus will land your immortal soul in Hell. Therefore, they completely believe that they know everything they need to know about your religion. They believe you are being deceived by either Satan, your inherent sinful nature, or both, and require them to help you see the "light."
  • I should have said that Wiccas say they know everybody else's beliefs, therefore they do not care about what is really out there. They do care about what they do know. My error. I do appreciate their intentions and their own lifestyle- very good people. I was trying to point to what they only say they know- everybody. They actually know very little because they keep to themselves very much- our(outside of Wicca knowledge) loss because their way of thinking could enrich many, my opinion.
  • It is written into many religions that they are the only way to the devine. (Whatever that may be) Now go do what God or whatever says and save the people from forming their own opinions!! :-)
  • All I can say is, you never met me. I consider myself a Christian, but I don't shove it down anyone's throat. Two of my best friends are athiests.
  • You have met upon the the closed minded. Don't close yourself off to anyone, you never know what they might have to say to add to your knowledge!
  • Beacause most religion are full of ignorant people who have been brainwashed in to beleive that there way is the only way.
  • I am my own man and follow nobody. I think for myself and come to my own conclusions. One belief I follow sums everything up: Treat other as you want to be treated. I don't need anything else. I believe in science and facts. If something cannot be proven with actual scientific evidence then I do not believe it. I don't say it's NOT true, I say when it is proven I will believe it. I believe in myself, my own kindness and my own discipline and knowledge to do what's right.
  • I've seen the opposite actually. At the school I attend the Muslim Student Association, Christian Student Club, and others are all really chill, hang out with other religions it's no big deal. But the Pagan Campus Organization is full of bitter, angry and just plain mean people that like to throw around terms like "fish worshipers" and "towel heads"
  • They are stupid, don't believe in the right to freedom of religion, and suck, therefore.
  • Well, just so I can mess up your stereotype; I"m a Christian, and I'm not gonna try to convince you of anything. There, now you've met one who isn't trying to save you.
  • I think AntigoneRising gave the best answer, but I also wanted to point out, if you don't mind, that, as annoying as it is, it's mostly because they care about you. I know that sounds strange, but to those Christians (although it could be any other religion, I only single them out for the sake of the question), Heaven and "salvation through faith" are the most amazing things and they think that everyone should enjoy it just as they do/will. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to express this to those that don't have the same beliefs as them and what is meant to be a "I want you to be as happy as I am" it comes out as "If you don't listen to me you're going to be very unhappy" (please keep in mind, I'm keeping this as kind and vague as possible - we've all heard worse things stated). For many, I believe, they practice their religion because it makes the most sense to them. The problem is that they think that the one that makes the most sense to them should make the most sense to everyone, but as we all know, that is not the case. So, as unfortunate as it is, when you are confronted with people like this let them know that you are grateful that they are concerned about your spiritual well-being, but that you feel this is the best choice for your spiritual fulfillment. If they still persist, the best thing I can recommend is to smile, thank them again, and kindly walk away. Hope that helps. Gentle Breezes.
  • I can agree that many people go over board but then so does Bill Moron Mar and his atheist agenda, so it's not just Christians who do what you said in your incomplete question. I think that many Christians love their fellow human beings enough that they want to share what they think well help other people to live a better life now and in the next life. It would be just as bad if you had some good advice about how life could be better for somebody and you didn't share it with them. If they choose to continue their life they way they are living once you have told them then that is their choice. God gives us all free choice. Wiccans are no more open minded then any body else, all religions have NUTS.
  • There have been some very good responses to this question. I myself believe the Bible to be accurate. There is historical, archaelogical, literary, and secular peer evidence that proves that the Bible can be trusted. I do agree that there are far too many "Christians" out there trying to force beliefs into someone. No one can believe anything unless it is true to them. Even Jesus himself knew this. That is why He performed miracles and made predictions (secular literature says it happened as well). The Christians who want to judge others and push their beliefs on everyone around them haven't done enough studying of the Leader.
  • Wicca itself may be open-minded, but I have found many of its practicioners are not. I'd be getting along with them just fine, then one day the subject would come up that I happen to go to a church. All of a sudden that friendlieness disappears, and suddenly they act like they are the smartest ones in the room. In fact, it seems that the only reason they believe in it is a way to stand up against organized religion. The only way to elicit an even bigger response would be to be into satanism.
  • All religions or spiritual organizations have their share of bigots, and I've heard some Wiccans be extremely vile and vicious towards anything else but Wicca, just as there are Christians of the same. It might seem that Christianity has the most bigotry going down, but that's because it's a bigger religion with more people, a whole lot more than Pagan religions. I'll agree that as a globally established religion, Christianity may be able to afford to act this way, but really no religion is free from such people, and in fact, it's my personal belief that this exact behaviour is not what has shaped the concept of religion, but that which maintains it. Just as much, there are open minded Christians and Wiccans alike, or at least, very tolerant ones. Just because one may adhere to an unconventional set of beliefs blasted by most of society doesn't make you anymore open minded than a fan of Britney Spears. >_> As to not contradict myself, you might have a point by my very words; "blasted by most of society"...but, as enormous as the Christian faith is, it receives just as much disdain and hate from so many.
  • Wicca is not a religion, at least I have never seen it on any religion population list.
  • Ok there is one God deal with it I am not here to save your Soul Jesus Died for also deal with that. This is an open ended question likely designd to attack anyone who answers you with any real religions intent LATER!.
  • Wicca may not have the same system as Christianity where you accrue Brownie points for every conversion. Said points are then traded for a one-way ticket into hahaven when the time comes
  • I consider myself a Christian. During my lifetime, I have, of course, met many, many Christians...with very few engaging in the obnoxious practices you listed. I certainly would not. My relationship with God is mine and mine alone. It is a good relationship and one that I wish everyone shared...but I'm too busy with my own to go pushing it down your throat or anyone elses. There are plenty of Christians such as myself out there, the vast majority I would say. There are far fewer of those you describe. When you are confronted by the objectionable, do as I do, say "Thank you" and move on and away from them. And, to your contention that every Christian you've met is of the objectionable ilk, I suggest that, perhaps, you need to get out more. Of course, with most Christians the subject would never come up, unless you asked, which I was taught was rude. If you happened to ask me, I would acknowledge my Christianity, but would certainly not jump on any conversion bandwagon with you.
  • Let everyone know you are better than the rest. (Matthew 5:13-16) Make people want to persecute you. (Matthew 5:11)
  • I am a non practicing christian I guess that is what you would call me and my wife follows the Wicca religion and I will say that Christians do what they do because there religion is very strict and so they can not always understand somethings or are not aloud to as well but they are changing subtly where as Wicca believes in a more free sort life which I do love.
  • Then you haven't met the people of MY faith ... We NEVER try to convince ANYONE that what we say / do is THE religion / faith to be .... In fact; Many of us would preach that people should take with them from the sermon / teachings what they can use in their own daily lives and to leave the rest for others .... However; our faith is similar to Wicca in several ways ... +5

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