• It's more responsible to have your dog neutered, this is certainly less work and probably cheaper than rearing a litter of puppies, it would probably have the effect of calming your dog down too.
  • I have heard it before, but it's pure nonsense. The best way to calm a dog down is to take him to a good training school.
  • No I haven't heard of it but I can tell you from experience that this is absolutly not true, and I don't believe it for one second. My male has been studded out before and when one of my females goes in heat he still drives me nuts and whines the whole time, and acts like an a$$... so doesn't help the males. I have a female that was PERFECT, I mean this dog was 100% trained and I could send her down 3 flights of stairs to use the bathroom without me going with her and I would still have 100% control of her, I could leave her out in my house and she would watch over everything and not mess anyting up, walk her ANYWHERE without a leash and she would stay right at my leg on my left side. I had a litter with her and now I wish I never had! She is a completely different dog, she thinks she can do whatever she wants, I have to repeat myself all the time for her to listen, if I leave her out when I am not here she goes to the bathroom on my furniture. She is my worst nightmare now... I really miss the dog that she was, breeding her made her worse, not better, I wasn't even looking to make her better, she was great how she was.
  • Yes, I've heard that, and lots of other BS..
  • Yes, I have heard that before and it is not true. All that causes is unnecessary breeding and an excess of pups that may not be wanted and could possibly end up in a shelter on death you really want that? Training is the key to a calm dog. Socialisation of your dog with others and training. Perhaps neutering too. If you are not going to be breeding, then neutering is a must. Solves a lot of problems and training will ensure both you and your dog will know what is expected of you each - this leads to a calm owner and a calm dog.
  • Yes. Usually said by ignorant people. It is not right at all. Train your dog
  • To calm you dog down, use training AND regular daily walks and exercise.

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