• I will be 100 years old, i probably will be dead. And i think that's why most people don't care. They think it will last while they are alive.
  • we'll have something else in it's place by then.
  • I think we are so close now to finding other ways of making energy for vehicles that in another 42 years it won't matter. Look at how much technology has changed in the last 42 years now.
  • Who made that prediction? People have been predicting "The End of Oil" for a long time now. In the 1960s there were seriouse predictions that it would run out by the end of the 1980s. Other predictions have been made, in all sincerity, since then, and the deadlines passed. What will happen is that as oil get shorter, the price will rise. The rising price will have two effects: it will reduce consumptions, and it will make people find and exploit smaller and more difficult fields, increasing the total supply. So I will be bold enough to say that the oil will not run out by 2050. However, the price may be four or six times what it is today. This will make real chanes to lifestyles in the west; cheap flights will not be nearly as cheap (fuel is 1/3 of budget airlines costs). We will not be able to commute as far. But we will not hit some kind of "that's all, folks" end to oil.
  • thats why im getting a hybrid
  • By 2050 we had better have a clean car that runs on air. Its possible
  • I'll tell ya my thoughts on this. In 1971, the so-called geniuses-academics of the world declared that if we did not achieve zero population growth worldwide - even negative pop growth - by 1995, the world's energy sources - especially, oil, would be completely gone!! So foolish was this counsel in fact, that it gave legitimacy to the idiocies of the Feminist Movement and excuse for women to stop procreating - eventually, in the name of "family planning" clinics!!! Costly, wasteful and actually, anti-productive! Well, I'm still waiting ... re this depleted, all-washed up, source of energy to be completely GONE!! What happened to the all-wise predictions?? The REAL Result was that having no babies meant no Jobs and no work ... because children are what mainly make work!! No wonder Unemployment Soared during the 70's!! Women at work, taking Jobs and no babies, meantime, to Create them!! That's what happened. NOW, decades later, what do we have? Well, we still have extremely High Unemployment ... we have factories - clothing, footwear, food closed down!! We have very Low wages - so that NOW Both spouses seem to HAVE to work - NO LONGER, CHOICE! The jobs that DO exist are more often part-time, or just casual temporary jobs ... everything seems temporary! Technological advance minimized energy expenditure. Our Doomsdayers' Crisis never happened!! We abandoned that very first Directive from God to man - you know - the Fellow who created everything: His advice: to be fruitful and multiply ... We abandoned His advice all for the half-witted counsel of the Energy-crisis geniuses who espoused zero pop growth and therefore drove economies of the West to their knees!!!
  • This is total scaremongering crap.It has as much truth to it as has the idea of an all powerful godgobber bloke in the sky with the ability to impregnate a virgin.

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