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  • Usually around $20. One center advertises rates of $1 to $45, depending on the quality of sample. Another center promises up to $200 a week for weekly donations for 6 months. Most of the following info comes from * You must be between the ages of 18-34. The sperm of young men are better at defrosting than old man sperm. * You must be at least 5'11". That's because almost all mothers-to-be ask for tall donors. * Your weight must be about right for your height. This is because proper weight correlates with healthy sperm. * You must have a high school degree, almost always a college degree, and even more preferably, a JD, BMW, multiple houses, and googobs of money. * You cannot have (or ever have had) hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, genital herpes, venereal warts, ebola, or that disease that makes little babies look like they're 90 years old. * You must be a boy. Or a talented girl. You'll have to start out by giving a series of donations for tests. * count (how many suckers you got in there?) * motility (are they good swimmers?) * freeze-ability (are they good at staying cold?) * morphology (are they deformed?) Anywhere from 50% - 90% of all applicants are rejected because of deficiency in one of these areas. After that, you will likely be asked to give your family's full medical and genetic background going back FOUR generations. Then they'll run tests for the following * ABO-Rh blood typing * complete blood count (CBC) * chemistry panel * cystic fibrosis carrier screening * semen analysis * sickle cell carrier testing * Tay-Sachs carrier testing * urinalysis Then you'll sign a contract stating # It means that you have to commit to the program for 6 months - 3 years. During this time, you are responsible for maintaining good health, and you must report any chance that you could have a disease. # It means that you can't pleasure yourself for five days before your deposit. No sex with yourself or others. # It means that they will only allow up to 10 children to be born from your sperm, and then you're taken off the market.

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