• Suck/pull/twist his nipples. During oral sex, use one hand to fondle the scrotum...gently though...while you perform this act. Drives em nuts! (pardon the pun) If he is clean-shaven you can...well really put your mouth to use...That's dirtay!!
  • Ask him. He seems to want pain.
  • remember and try to sart sex before he does.....put ur hand inside his shorts .......use ur fingers around his cock.....kiss him from his mouth to his cock and give him a nise suck,,,..thn see what he says,,,,
  • Slap him.. Take over. Show him that he's not the only one with the power. Bite his ear lobe and wen ur about to pull of slighty lick it.. grab both of his hands and put them behind his head and tell him that he can't touch.. Just find ur choke him up. Take over.

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