• I am quite sure so, in fact, although there is such infighting between the two Democratic candidates, both are beating Arizona Senator John McCain, who remains competitive, but voters ranked him lowest among the three candidates on who could best handle the nation's economy, by far the most pressing concern for the public irrespective of party, gender or income. A recent poll gave Senator Obama 46% to Senator McCain's 40%, with 9% undecided -- Senator Clinton led Senator McCain 47% to 38%, with 11% undecided -- Of the three main candidates, Senator Clinton inspired the most confidence on the economy.
  • That is assuming that Obama and Clinton are going to run together, which I highly doubt.
  • I think either Hillary or Barack would win over John for he has very little in solutions for improving America and nothing would change for the better.The government needs to change leadership from the same old party .
  • Obama? it is debatable and I think he may have a shot against McCain. Clinton has no chance to win the white house.
  • In addition to kedar's statement, you have to realize that a huge quantity of democratic voters are turning out this election year in order to vote for those two candidates. I believe that Barack would have the best chance, and if Billary did win, it would be by just a hair. I don't think she has a shot in hell, though...
  • i dont think anyone can know that

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