• I wouldn't bother. A lot of people are coming around to the belief that docking is cruel.
  • I didn't know they docked poodles tails. I bought a maltipoo. He was a year when I got him and his tail was docked. Do you know if that is normal practice. I thought maybe he had an accident when he was young.
  • Why the hell would you ever want to do that?!
  • No, not at that age...when it's done when they are three days old they don't have all the nerve endings in their tail and it heals quite quickly. At a later age it will be quite painful and will not heal'd be hard pressed to find a vet who would even do it at that age. Also, I've yet to see a poodle with a docked tail.
  • poodles were designed with long tails. why alter a God Given design? Dogs need their tails.

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