• No, it's really quite easy. You can be taught by a professional accordion teacher.....or you can pick up the Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course books (very easy to follow) and teach yourself. Alfred Publishing Co. puts them out....
  • I've been playing the accordion for only a few months, and it's really simple. The hardest part is coordination. In most instruments, you do two things at once, with the Accordion, you're doing three things: Melody(on the right hand, with the piano) your bass patterns(done with the left hand with the buttons) and squeezing the bellows. The reed buttons(on the left) are amazingly easy to learn. Top two rows are your root notes(ABCDEFG), where the buttons directly below, in the same column, provide your chords. Just watch a video on it on Youtube. It's alot more easy to understand it by watching, not reading. Then that's it! Learn simple songs on the piano, and teach yourself the bass chords to go with it. I taught myself alot of Flogging Molly songs by being able to play the accoustic chords on the guitar, but just play the exact same chords on the accordion's bass reeds while playing the melody. It sounds complicated, and is probably the most intimidating instrument I've picked up(I also play the Mandolin and Irish Tin Whistle), but after a few days, I found myself laughing with glee as I figured it out easily
  • The Palmer-Hughes accordion course books begin "at the beginning", and walk you along very slowly and progressively. They're terrific for a person who wants to learn how to play the accordion, but doesn't have a clue as to how to go about it. And they're not very expensive, either. Aside from taking lessons, which can be very expensive, this is the very best way that I know of to learn this wonderful instrument. I've been playing it since 1964.....and I used these books to learn from too!

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