• He would have to refinance again and do it under both of your names.
  • Only if He wanst to do it, and I guess He doesn't otherwise you wouldn't be asking. If it was me, I would kick you out of the house inmediatelly.
  • Your boyfriend can have your name put on the house mortgage loan.. but remember..if he doesnt make his payments the bank could come after YOU to make the payments! Do you really want your credit runined in case you break up with him and he doesnt make the payments on the house? The house must be in his name only, then he can add yours onto the mortgage..that makes you responsible with him to make the payments...better wait until you get married or you might just get STUCK with the payments.
  • As far as I know, he can refinance with you on the mortgage (contingent with your credit), he can have you added to the deed (although it can be contested later on) or both.

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