• Probably because extracting oil from coal is not competitive with oil. Oil from the ground is $137 for a 42 gallon barrel. Oil from coal would cost better than $180 a barrel to produce. But that $137 a barrel it costs about $8 to produce. Just more profit. But it can be done. Just tgat by the time it became gas at the pump, Current $4+ gas would go for upwards of $7
  • The germans used slave labor to achieve this. There were no labor costs associated with anything the reich did. todays market and labor would just make it anything but feasible. When you look at it from a different perspective, it really was not synthetic, just making coal into something that would run the typical internal combustion engine. we need to get far away from this concept. Remember only a hundred years ago were new,how does the saying go what was once new is now old....again!
  • It can be done quite easily. Just that it will be twice the cost of the gas from oil. Germans did it out of necessity as we had bombed the oil fields. Pretty easy to extract oil from coal. Just microwave it. But, to get a teaspoon you have to cook it maybe 30 minutes. So the process is costly. All that energy has to come frome somewhere too.

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