• YES, i wouldn't date her...i would be scared to die!
  • I wouldn't be scared but if the fear of the woman is visible in the outing, many points would be lost. Some men like baggage. I like things simple.
  • No! It's nothing a shallow grave couldn't cure!
  • Not at all, I have no problem going back to prison.
  • I would be scared for me, But I would be worried for her.
  • Fuck no. I fear no man....especially not an insecure one that needs to beat his perceived once property into submission. I may chose not to embrace the drama into my life, but it wouldn't "scare" me.
  • It would only be scary for girly men.
  • No not really, you should always take the hunt to the predator..out flank you enemy so to speak. That said, never under estimate your enemy.
  • I would be concerned. Why is she still scared, is he stalking her? Is there a restraining order? That type of information.
  • Not in the least... I'm a VERY good shot !
  • yes, i would be worried for her safty. i wouldnt want her to get hurt in any way, and if you care about her then you should be just a bit uneasy.
  • I try not to complicate my life with chicks with backgrounds like this, but if I REALLY liked her it'd take more than a bully to spook me
  • I know this question is for men, but I am a really feminine girl, which means I am really weak physically. If a man were afraid of an ex, I wouldn't want him. I still believe that men are supposed to be our protectors. This guy sounds like a wimp. No thank you.
  • It wouldn't necessarily scare me... but I would be constantly concerned for her safety. It would be something we would need to communicate about constantly. I could only hope that there are no kids involved...
  • Not really....And as far as her being scared of him. I would show her how to protect herself against people like him. And by the time I was finished training her. It would be Him who would be scared of her. "That is if she let him live"...LOL...............M.C.S.
  • Nah, I've dealt with crazy exes before. Wouldn't bother me.
  • I'm not a guy, but machoism is over-rated. Weapons level the playing field.
  • Absolutely not. It may be a different situation, but I had a friend named "Bob" who married a woman with a completely psychotic ex husband. The ex would find him out in town and beat him up, but he was scared to retaliate because he thought it would make his stepson hate him. One night while his wife was away for the weekend, the crazy ex blasted through his patio door and chased him around with an axe, until "Bob" found his way out of the house and down the street. I fantasized about that for weeks, and then it pi$$ed me off. Because I'll never get that lucky.
  • Hey Sugar....This would not scare me, I might be a little concerned about entering into a relationship. I would want to know the details. Is her fear rational, what are her ties to this man, I believe most people our age( or there abouts,) have some type of "baggage" they would bring into a relation. If I felt there was a possibility of a loving relationship and she was willing to do what was neccesary to keep this in check, then I would also do anything to help... But NO, I would not be scared, just careful....
  • Wouldn't scare me, but probably should scare her.
  • I wouldn't be so in fear for myself as for her and the psychological impact it has on her. Fear is a terrible and powerful force. I'd wanna do all I could to assure her there was no more need to fear him so long as I was around.
  • No, I wouldn't have any fear and it wouldn't scare me if she was scared. I'd expect it from her, in fact. HOWEVER, it would affect any actions I might consider taking with this woman out of common sense. I would likely choose NOT to get emotionally involved and would also likely choose NOT to have a relationship with her, long or short term, physical or otherwise.
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