• I would guess pride, and as a homage to comrades lost in battle
  • It is just like a souvenir you may want to carry everywhere.
  • I am honored that they do LEST WE FORGET
  • I would imagine it's mainly pride, could be to carry memories of lost comrades. Might just be habit they've worn them for so long that it seems wrong to take them off.
  • It's a form of identification. If a veteran gets mugged and gets his wallet with ID's stolen, he'll still have his tags to identify him.
  • It's a physiological thing I'm sure. Dog Tags connect you to the fraternity of your fellow military members. I find that when I'm wearing mine I feel a sense of belonging. My wife keeps a set (and sometimes wears them) when I'm away on deployment to feel closer to me. I've also given a set to a good friend to indicate my feelings of connection to them even though we're at opposite ends of the continent. It's a simple matter to order a replacement for "lost" Dog Tags. To tell the truth, I don't wear them day-to-day but mostly when I'm on leave or elsewise away from my unit. I suspect that I'll wear them more when I retire next year. Hope this helps.
  • To remember
  • I still wear mine because I will always be a Marine, and they have been there with me in some of the best and worst times I have ever known. Like a scar, they have the power to remind us that the past was real, and that those who are no longer with us live on, as long as we remember.
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  • they can wear their dog tags or uniforms or hats or whatever they like that shows their pride in the USA. they fought for us, and deserve honor and respect. thank you VETS!
  • pride of their service, i will after i get out
  • A mixture of pride and habit. I've stopped wearing mine and have them put up for my sons, at this point.
  • My father wears his tags strapped tightly with a shoelace to his shoe when he goes out cycling. And he wears the other one on his keychain. He said its there so that he can be identified if anything bad ever happened to him but I know that he is proud of his service. My brother wears his also, but he's still in the army so I suppose that doesnt count for this question. lol But I imagine that he would always wear them. He has a lot of pride for this country, his brothers and for what he does.
  • Short of a direct impact on the dog tags themselves, the dog tag may identify the wearer if no other identifiable feature is left of the host. Secondly, we were told to wear them at all times. Some things are hard to change when they become an integral part of your life.
  • Because it is part of who they are.
  • Pride. And respect.
  • theyre probably proud of it
  • force of habit. Lets be honest here. Most Americans are likely to die in a homicide incident, so most should wear dog tags.
  • Sentimental?

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