• I would discuss it with my vet to find out why he was prescribing it instead of something else.
  • If the negative aspect outweighs any benefit, I would definitley return the prescription and pass on it.
  • No, but I have a very good rapport with my vet, and I wouldn't hesitate to call her with my concerns.
  • Um I wouldn't feel very comfortable, but ask your vet about it. Tell him or her that you found out about the side effect and if he or she says it's still okay, I guess you should use it then. :) Hope your dog is okay!
  • Many medications,if not all, now list death as a rare side effect. It's a case of CYA. If they don't list it, and someone or something dies from it, they are responsible. If someone or something dies and it *is* listed, they can simply say 'side effect'. I'd not worry, just watch him.
  • Look at YOUR medications side effects. DEATH is usually one of them. For that matter DEATH is a side-effect of surgery in general. Give it to your dog. The vet has taken into account your dog's size and needs. It's either an antibiotic or pain med... Would you rather your dog get an infection requiring amputation of something, removal of something or DEATH (painful death) or to suffer in pain if it's the latter?
  • Many of the medication given to people have that warning too, is it a pain medication? If so, I would be inclined to give the medication to my dog and watch them closely. If you are overly concerned call your Vet for an alternative medication.
  • I hope it all worked out yesterday, Apache! I think it's safe, as long as you are watching your dog. Good to see you on AB! Hope all goes well with your dog's recovery!
  • We stay away from any chemical-based products with our eight dogs, as the list of side-effects, both short- and long-term, is rarely worth the risk, especially when there are plenty of safe, chemical-free, natural remedies available these days, that have no side-effects.
  • Death simply listed as a side effect - are you for real? I can't believe that this kind of thing really happen
  • ...death is a side effect of it can be that bad lol
  • No.. but since death is also a possibly side effect of having surgery, I don't think it makes much difference if it is just as necessary to fix the problem as the surgery was.
  • Many of the drugs prescribed to humans, and to pets, have a possibility of death. For that matter, read the drug sheets for a lot of OTC meds. A lot of them, too have the same thing. That's usually caused by an allergic reaction to something in the med. If you're concerned, talk to the vet about it. It kinda depends on the incidents of "death" that have occurred. If only one person (or pet) died while taking it (testing or after it's marketed), and they are SURE it was the med, then I probably wouldn't be too concerned. I might keep an eye on him for a few hours, and have the vet's emergency number handy, but otherwise...
  • guess what, death is a guarantee in life. nearly all drugs can cause death, medicine is all about maximizing benefits and minimizing risks. if the risks of not taking the drug are greater than the risks of taking it then you take it, otherwise you don;t. I have tested a drug where death by brain aneurism is a potential side effect... of the 35,000 people who had tested it, 1 person of japaneese decent (which are predisposed to bleeding problems) had that occur.
  • Almost anything can kill you. Peanuts have death as a side effect. However, it is wise to consider the benefits vs. the risk. I generally don't take many drugs, unless they are really necessary to cure whatever I might have (which is almost never).
  • Well, I have taken medication myself with 'sudden death' marked as a side effect. It's not nice but I needed it. Ask the vet what it's for and if it's really necessary and then decide if you want to give it to your dog. Maybe ask about alternatives as well. And remember they have to list side effects even if, amongst the hundred of animals who took it, only very very few suffered from them.

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