• Sounds like you can get HER deported
  • What is your motive? Your b/f is illegal too? If she is a fugitive and you are 'harbouring' her, then you are breaking the law. Talk to a lawyer and find out if you are endangering yourself.....
  • With girlfriends like you, who needs enemies?
  • If your boyfriend is in the country without the proper paperwork, and is not a citizen, yes, you can get him deported, and yes, you can call immigration if you know the location of a fugitive. If the case goes to court, for a deportation hearing, you will probably be expected to testify.
  • She talks bad about my family and wants her son to fight for full custody of my son. She is a very bad person and all she does is without a reason She gives her son bad advise. I've never done anything to that lady but favors, she is just too ungrateful.
  • sounds to me like your evil !!! i hope karma bites you in the ass. if you think she is so bad then stay away from her. just think that what goes around comes around and even though u cant b deported karma will come back around!
  • dangg .. maybe you should just break up with him and leave them both alone
  • why would you want to do this? you sound mean and spiteful... i think you should reflect on this a bit and think about why you want to hurt them so much
  • You are evil.
  • It's really not a question of whether you can but whether you can live with yourself afterwards. She came here for a reason, and it seems for a long while if her son is old enough to have a child but do you really want to leave that on your conscience?

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