• we went to a sushi joint down the street and then went out for coffee at Starbucks
  • We went for coffee and he told me to put my finger in his coffee to sweeten it for him! It was sweet.
  • Went to the movies to see the first Pirates of the Caribbean and made out the whole time. It was AWESOME!
  • i had sex in a football field behind her parents house. but we had known each other for a year "online".
  • Met her at Deep Sushi (imo the best sushi restaurant in San delicious). We sat in the back bar (a private room, quieter than the front of the restaurant). Then we went to a club in the city, but that didn't last very long as the place was too packed to talk. Finally ended up a a bar called Bliss in the Noe Valley. Found a place to sit and had a drink. It was a fun night.
  • we met at a local cafe, and then decided to go ice skating after about half an hour of my trying to convince him that i'd fall and him promising i wouldnt fall. I ended up falling once anyways, but he fell with me, and the fact that he was willing to help me learn something new combined with me deciding that i'd trust him enough to risk embarassment- it was defaintly a great start.
  • Candlepin bowling.
  • We went to a local fish fry place called Teds. We didn't eat. He walked me home and went back and got a fish fry for himself!! LOL. We were 15 and have been together ever since.
  • WE had become best friends over the Internet. I rode my Harley 1,200 miles in two days to see her. We went out to dinner and the next day we went to a local park. This was our first and only date. : )
  • I don't currently have one, but first dates for me typically involve dinner, possibly coffee, and usually taking a walk or just hanging out and talking somewere. My very first date ever, I went out for Chinese food with the girl. It was funny because we had ordered WAY too much food, and I felt bad leaving so much uneaten, so I just kept eating and eating for a really long time. Didn't really feel so hot after that, but I got a goodnight kiss at the end, so it all worked out.
  • We had met online so we wanted it to be "casual" and no pressure. So, we went to St. Louis Bread Company (Panera Bread) for dinner, then to our favorite bar for a few drinks and to shoot some pool.
  • Golfing (not miniature), then for a bite to eat. Counting the drive together, it was about a 12 hour date.
  • First we went to the now closed Mountain Jacks steakhouse, then to see Midsummer's Nights Dream. It was an awful first date, and I swore I'd never see him again! 9 years later...
  • Well, I just had my first date with someone this week (we met on EHarmony) and we went to dinner at Longhorn. Usually I like to keep the first date very short (like just coffee or something) but I felt comfortable with him after several phone calls and a lot of communication first, so I felt good about a longer dinner. Believe me, if there's no chemistry and you plan a dinner, it can be the loooongest dinner of your life! This one, however, was great and we're going out again tomorrow night!
  • he showed me all around the city and then took me out to dinner at a really nice was fun because we randomly stopped at the mall and then we also went and played at ikea was simple and fun
  • Back In high school =)
  • The official one was on yatch. *smiles*
  • To a pub i think...long time ago:)
  • He took me out to dinner.
  • To the King's Inn restaurant in Sun City, Arizona.
  • in high school
  • Who the hell wants to remember their death sentence..I was chained then and now dead.
  • I would think a nice restaurant, then a good movie.
  • to the pub on a sunday and we got there an hour early sooo.. we had to sit in the car for an hour lol;)

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