• Of course. I dream of places I've never been and people I've never met.
  • Sure. Most of my dreams are pretty much impossible during my waking hours--well, at least in "this world". But most of my dreams aren't exactly tame, and if any of them came to be true, people would at the very least wet their pants. Yeah, they're that scary.
  • I dream about people I don't know from Adam a lot. It's very freaky.
  • Sure. You can dream about flying by your own strength but that doesn't mean you can or ever will be able to do so.
  • Absolutely, we have TV to thank for that.
  • Of course. We can even fly and swim under water with no breathing problems. I have! Cool too. I even walked through Bagdhad a couple times WITOUT GETTING KIDNAPPED OR SHOT AT!!!
  • I dream about flying Spitfires, and that will never happen.
  • All my dreams are only about I have never experience in real life, for example what I would do if I won 100000000000 of dollars( joke), or if a prince from a fairy tale would fall in love with me( I have a child of 20 years old) and so on. Dreams.....
  • what a bunch of remedial answers...the interesting question draws upon the idea that our dreams are manifestaions and variations of things that we have encountered in life... with reference the person who dreamt of flying a spitfire without actually doing so, this could easily be answered by the notion that they have seen footage of a first person view inside the cockpit of a spitfire, lets not forget our dreams act at a deeper level than our conscious memory so even if the subject vehemently denies watching such an episode this doesn't actually mean they haven't....when i began writing this i thought the question would remain unanswerable but logic dictates that we can't dream of anything we haven't sensed before and the unimaginable dreamstate journey that may "wet" the "pants" is merely an ever evolving combination of sensory encounters
  • It depends if you mean Physically experienced, (eg.Free-flying in the air). In that case yes, you obviously can experience things you have 'physically' not. At a deeper level however, you cannot dream, imagine or create something which you have NEVER experienced in some form of stimuli before. That is to say that a tribe which has never seen, heard or been told of any form of advanced mechanical apparatus will never be able to visualize or dream of a car, jet, or any one of these forms. They may however be able to dream of (As a horrible crude example) a rudimentary hang glider or a raft on the water. Why? Because they may have expereinced forms of these before. Maybe not directly but by watching a bird fly, and the drifting nature of a leaf as it falls, they might come to dream of attaching feathers to themselves or sitting on a leaf and floating or flying. This will open up more opportunities for dreaming and visualizing. Why do you think that we never saw cave drawings of a Mustang GT or an IPhone. All dreams and thoughts are made up of hacked up knowledge gained from other thoughts and experiences. This is why we gradually evolve our technology rather than spontaneously appearing with a device never ever seen before. Thus, everything created is essentially an innovation of other experiences.
  • Oh my yes, I have been to places I've never seen with people I've never met, in my dreams.... (some wonderful, some terrifying!)
  • I don't know about you, but I have. Falling off of cliffs, riding elephants, a whole bunch of stuff, really. Even dying, which was the weirdest one, I must admit. Oh, and flying, which was so strange, because I had to concentrate in my dream or else I started falling.
  • Why not? You do not have to have experienced something to be able to imagine what it would make you feel like I think. I have experienced a lot through dreams. Bad things and fun things.
  • Yes of course!
  • Yes you can

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