• No, I don't talk in my sleep. But my first wife would never have been able to escape this... if she wasn't such a goody-two-shoes. She talked in her sleep *incessantly*, often several times a week, and she would carry on entire nonsensical conversations with me. Since I was often sleepy, it sometimes took a while before I could sort out whether she was asleep or not. Finally I learned a reliable trick: I would ask her what day of the week it was. She would always get this wrong if she was sleeping! She also did a lot of sleepwalking. One night she got up, went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and then came back to bed. I was curious, of course: (me) "Where did you go?" (her) "To the kitchen." (me) "Why?" (her) "To get the pads... the order pads". This marriage didn't last long. I kept thinking one night the answer would be "to get the knife".
  • Yes once with my boyfriend, years ago. I was talking (sexually) with a girl (that I knew) and I said her name. He questioned me about her and what she meant to me for the rest of the day.
  • On rare occasion I may have an anxiety dream and I will shout "HELP" "HELP"..of course I wake him up and then he wakes me up..if I've ever said anything else intelligible he hasn't told me..he has told me that sometimes I'll be very talkative in my sleep, but he can't figure out what language I'm speaking! :)
  • If you count my friend making fun of me forever because in my sleep I said "I'll have a vanilla latte", then yes, LOL.
  • I talk in my sleep all the time. My wife figured this out and started asking me questions. She said I would say the funniest things. Until I mentioned an ex-girlfriend in regards to a sexual rendezvous. I told her if she wasn't being sneaky and asking me questions in my sleep she would have never heard the answer. Not my fault.
  • yeah i still get made fun off for the "why are there giant bees in the bathtub?" line because the were donkey kong bees
  • Not that I know of... but one of my exes used to talk in her sleep, and it was simultaneously amusing and disturbing. I caught her fantasizing out loud about Steve Perry (singer of Journey) when we were away on vacation once. It freaked me out pretty bad. I just teased her about it for a couple of days, no biggie.
  • Not in trouble, but I remember dreaming about sex one time on a looong road trip with my dad (he was with me in the car, not in my dream... just to clear that up) When I woke up I had the *feeling* that I may have been talking, but not sure. I glanced over at my dad and he had a smirk on his face... We never spoke aloud of this.
  • I probably could have. Luckily nobody even listens to me when I'm awake... ;)
  • Not that I know of.
  • No....... but I believe Woody Allen might have.
  • Amazingly, no!
  • No, I normally don't keep many secrets.
  • Sort of...he wasn't mad....but when i was sleeping my boyfriend was trying to wake me up and i was in such a deep sleep and i know i'm known to talk in my sleep...well i was like to him "matt don' don't wake me up" a few times lol and my boyfriend's name wasn't was my EXBOYFRIEND lol :|
  • No. Ihave rarely talked in my sleep and I think what I said was undecipherable.
  • yea i had this crazy dream and i was talking in my sleep and my bf was up. l.o.l he heard everything!!!!1

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