• No, and I haven't disowned one for that reason either.
  • No, but I did that once. My stepfather was in a very tragic motorcycle accident..rendered him almost-vegetable like.. Very tough on my mom. had a "best friend", or so I thought..I was there for her during the tough times of divorce..she told me after the accident happened that she wasn't very good at "this sort of thing" so she was going to bow out of my life for awhile, just until things settled down. I told her not to bother..I didn't need that kind of friend. I walked away and never spoke to her again! :)
  • I have done that to a friend. It was more that what she said... it was her intentions behind it that mattered more. That is why she is not my friend.
  • Yeah- thats how it was supposed to be but it seems that the end of forever has arrived becasue we renewed our friendship!
  • Yes, but I also found out that a "real friend" would forgive, especially over something that was trivial and silly.
  • No but I have had people that don't want to hang around me because of the way I used to be
  • Yes, a friend of ours cancelled our friendship because of something my husband said.
  • No. My friends don't own me. However, I did have a "friend" who decided we weren't "friends" anymore because of something I "did".
  • No, we've always been together through thick and thin :)
  • yea, but turned out for the best. i would've become such a drama queen and all sorts of trouble that i didn't deal with because she cut me off
  • friends dont own me so they don't have the power to disown me. and no i haven't. I dont have many friends because I dont have the time frankly. My family are my friends and they dont disown.
  • No, Actually I do not consider everyone that I have a positive acquaintance with as a friend.(that includes people I see everyday and get along with great). Because of this I have very few "Friends" but the ones that do have this highly sought after title would perhaps be upset by something I said or did, but would probably forgive me instantly. This goes both ways, and I highly doubt there is any situation where I would disown one of them.
  • fortunately have had friends that didn't speak to me for a while because I was brutally honest with them...but we eventually worked it out
  • Yeah, it was something like, "If you want to a b*tch for no reason, you can just go f*ck yourself". She must have taken it out of context!lol.
  • Yes. Thats when I realized they werent really a friend in the first place..

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