• i live in cali, but i like it here. it's got the cities like san fransisco and LA but it's also got some country feel like the central valley. and then we have the beach and northern cali is very different from southern cali; we have mountains and desert as well. and the diversity of people makes life here interesting =) and who can go wrong when you've got disneyland, the golden gate bridge, yosemite, the beaches, hollywood, reno, or six flags so close by?
  • TEXAS - it has everything. East Texas is the best lots of lakes good folks low cost of living and good down home cooking.
  • Hawaii - for obvious reasons . . .
  • I'm from North Dakota. Not much you can say about it, but if you're looking for a nice country home this is the place. Personally, I think the best state to live in would be Florida, I just love the climate and all the theme parks. The only thing you really have to worry about is hurricanes.
  • I have to say Florida but I have a house there and am biased. I love the climate, the beaches and the rich mixture of cultures just name a few things.
  • Wisconsin totally. it doesn't have too many people, and not too little. and the farms are great, so come on over and help us bail some hay
  • Hawaii..specifically Honolulu. Why? My son lives there, works there and will probably be there for the rest of his life! No better reason than that! :) Happy Sunday! :)
  • New York City, For it's: Ethnic diversity* Universities and Colleges* Access to Affordable Transportation* Shopping* Parks* Entertainment Venues* Skyline* Great People*
  • in my opinon i lov north carolina u can go to the beach then the mountains ! it can be very hot or really cold ( how i lik it ] and every thing in between and its very pretty !!

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