• I would put myself somewhere between a 2 and 3 on your scale. It's hard to pay everything sometimes, but I'm no where near starving, I have a nice place to live a nice car and a stocked pantry. It's finding the extra money for things like vacations and entertainment that is the struggle.
  • 2) - 3) because I am a self financing student working all the time, it would seem. Can't wait to graduate in June and go full time...
  • I too am somewhere between 2 and 3 ... check my profile for what it is that I do.
  • Definitely a 2... I am just a university student... When I get my degree I'll be able to get a job that will provide me only around 700 Euros...
  • I would have to say between 2 and 3. Raising 3 young children has proven to be very expensive! But we can still afford groceries and gas.
  • I'm probably a 3 at this point... we're managing, but boy, a little bit of extra money could repair the house and make us be able to afford the cell phones everyone else regards as absolutely essential. :-p Still, I think we count as comfortable.
  • I'm nearest the 4. I have no immediate family (I'm an only child, parents deceased, no spouse or kiddies). I have a full-time job that I've worked at for 35 years. House (inherited) and car paid for. Luckily I had a scholarship to pay for college. Live frugally without many modern "gadgets" like a cell phone or DVD player. I pay as I go, have no credit card or debts. Buy clothes at rummage and tag sales. People might call my lifestyle "primitive" but, hey, I can save a little each paycheck and it builds up after a while. All I need is Internet service, a reliable car, basic budget phone service (I still have a rotary phone), a bed to flop in at night and a roof over my head. Why doesn't the world just get back to BASICS and see how much you really DON'T need.
  • 2 and 3 as well. I think most college students are.

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