• Drivers Ed. has slightly diferent rules in each country/province/state. Chances are, the answer is 'during' as gravity would take over 'after the hill' and 'before' may result in a speeding ticket.
  • During. Just stay under the speed limit.
  • this is what is in CA DMV rules: Driving In Hill Country You never know what is on the other side of a steep hill or a sharp curve. When you come to a hill or curve, slow down so you can stop for any hazard. You must be going slowly enough to stop. Any time your view is blocked by a hill or a curve, you should assume there is another vehicle ahead. Only pass if a hill or curve is at least one-third of a mile away because you need at least that much room to pass safely. Do not drive on the left side of the road when coming to a curve or top of a hill because you can’t see far enough ahead to know if it is safe to pass. but may be different in your state, check the DMV site for your state also DMV has a test site on youTube also.
  • Depends on how much horsepower the vehicle I'm driving has!
  • dont know maybe you can teach me lol that way i can have another convo with you it could be a record by the end of the night lol :0)
  • 1-24-2017 It depends on whether the road is slippery. Normally you don't do anything special just because you are going up a hill, but if the road is snowy or icy then you want to maintain a low but steady speed. Going downhill requires more care than going up.

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