• Here, if you refuse the roadside test, they can take you in for another test.
  • They may haul you in and you might sober up on the way ;)
  • "PLEASE" Don't tell me, that you're in you're car W/your laptop, waiting for an answer so you can answer the cop.
  • In many states it is an automatic license suspension for one year. This is true even if you were not legally drunk at the time.
  • Where I live they put you under arrest, take you to the hospital,draw blood,do drug test.
  • Here u go to jail right then. And u have the choice to take it to trial.
  • If you refuse the field sobriety tests, you'll probably be arrested anyway. All the field sobriety tests are, are more evidence of your inability to drive. There are 3 standardized field sobriety tests. The horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn and one leg stand. And I've heard all kinds of reasons why the person "couldn't" do them. Bum leg, lazy name it. I would use those 3 along with first simple one. "Part of the test is your ability to follow the directions." In my state, once you're brought in for the breath test, you're read a form. That form says that if you refuse to take the breath test, you'll license is immediately suspended. And it's suspended for one year and the judge cannot reinstate it, since it is an administrative suspension by the BMV. And here, the officer can make you take the breath test, give urine and blood. Refusing one is the same as refusing them all. That's one of the things that's on that form you sign when you sign for your driver's license. That you will take any and all tests the police officer requests. Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right.
  • you might go to jail

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