• depends on the person
  • Well when I first started drinking, I didnt seem to get a buzz after a few beers.... then I would just be drunk. Now that I'm an experienced drinker.. AKA Alcoholic, lol, I feel the effect after one beer, but it takes many beers until I'm drunk...I can drink all day. If I'm I drink around 8 beers at a reasonably fast rate I will be drunk. Yet no one ever notices. I'm very controling and tolerant.
  • Depends on how fast I drink, and also what I drink. With beer I usually feel a buzz after 7-8, don't get drunk till 15-17, Harder alcohols get me going faster, especially shots vs. mixed drinks!! And since I don't drink hard liquor as often, it's harder to recognize the transfer from buzzed to drunk.
  • 4 or 5 for a buzz, my absolute limit is around 11 or 12. Unlike many underage drinkers, I don't like to drink to get drunk. If I'm going to be ruining my body, I much prefer to be high. A drink now and then is fun but too much just isn't enjoyable.
  • Two shots will get me buzzed four or five will get me drunk.

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