• My guess is mass murder/ genocide.
  • I can tell you what I think is very bad, that is the crimes against children. Allthough I have heard somewhere that all sins are equal. I feel that the worst crime that can be commited by a priest, or anyone in that matter would be to hurt a child in any form. Children only know how to love someone, and they are not able to defend themselves.
  • I've read that there are documented cases of priests sexually abusing children. When someone uses his authority and power to steal the innocence of a child, for his or her (the abuser's) own self-gratification, that's evil. I don't know what else to call it.
  • Hypocrasy.
  • abuseing young boys
  • Intellectual dishonesty, the cardinal sin. They claim to know things when they do not - at least the ones I've met, read about, or heard of, or anyone of that adheres to the standard principles of one of the faiths I've encountered which claim knowledge when nothing is known. This leads to every other evil that they and everyone else commits.
  • Backing Hitler. The Catholic church recently apologized for it.
  • Impersonating a Priest!!! Only a Believer can become a "Priest" by accepting Christ, we become a member of the Royal Family of God and WE REPRESENT OURSELVES before God!!!
  • Failing to accurately teach the Word of God. For a man to call himself a minister of God and then to misrepresent what the Bible teaches in order to serve his own purposes, is the worst crime any human can commit. This includes telling young children that if they tell of being abused God will be angry at them, or using threats of damnation to increase the offering so that they can drive a fancy car. I am sure that you can use your imagination to see how deep that hole could go.
  • Having sex with a child.
  • Expecting you to confess YOUR sins to him after he has molested a, that would be the worst sin committed by a priest. Worst crime would be molesting a child.
  • Sexually abusing children.
  • Sexual abuse towards children. That IMO is in my top 3 list of worst crimes a person could ever commit.
  • pedifelia, hope i spelled that right...2 kinds i have always despised 1) pediphiles 2) men or women who use their children for their own selfish means; money, spite, entrapment, etc. children are a blessing from God for us to love, nuture , teach, discipline and help grow into good parents themselves.... any kind of neglect, abuse, molestation of an innocent child.....all this SCARS children...
  • The same as other people: kill/threat to kill, kidnapp, rape people or have sex with children.
  • molesting children
  • 10-2-2017 Pretending to know something when he doesn't.

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