• Your stomach must be bigger than your tits, and you can't see your toes
  • "fat" is an subjective term, and the definition varies widely with opinions. There is, however, a commonly used measurement for "normal" "overwieght" or "obese." To figure that part out, you need to calculate your BMI (or Body Mass Index) Do calculate your BMI, use the following formula: "your weight in pounds divided by your height in inches squared, multiplied by the number 704.5" Or, there are websites such as that have a calculator. Then, you can compare that number to the common definitions of normal/overwieght/obese, where: BMI of 18.5 to 25 is traditionally classified as normal, 25 to 30 as overweight, and above 30 is classified as obese. For more information:
  • Oh, and if you are male, exactly the same, because if you are that fat, you will have moobs (man boobs) anyway!
  • 60 lbs overweight technically but realistically it could be more or less.If you are about 5 3 and 60 lbs overweight you will be as big as a house but if you are like 6 3 and that weight you will have basically just have a big belly and some fat around your body. Realistically I would say when you stand straight up and you can't see your toes and you have hanging flesh on your body you are fat.
  • This is a genral rule I use for myself. 100lbs for the first five feet, and 5lbs for each additional inch. For example, I'm 5'4" , so therefore I feel best at 120lbs.

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