• You might pay dearly for it in your older age with arthritis. Then, you will be walking on your heels.
  • Flat toes?
  • Google "Ballerina syndrome" and see. (Mostly it applies to horses.)
  • As a former dancer yes it does. You can permanently weaken the bones because of the increased pressure.
  • 'Although it may be tempting to try something simple such as walking on the tips of your toes to strengthen your ankle muscles, take caution in performing any anatomically abnormal movement repetitively throughout the day. By altering your gait pattern or other similar changes, you can cause chronic trauma or acute injury to your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.' - 'Although constant walking on your tip toes is contraindicated, use of this stance for limited moments during your exercise routine can help you achieve your fitness goals.' Source: - Further information: - ' For most dancers, blisters, bunions and corns are the norm, the inevitable result of feet compressed into unforgiving pointe shoes (with blocks built up using layer upon layer of hessian triangles, paper and glue) that give the illusion of dancing on tiptoe.' Source:

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