• Step 1: Never ever spend anything you make on little things that you don't really need, because all of those little things add up quickly. Step 2: If you have siblings, see if you can work out a deal with them to do some of their chores. Step 3: If you get along well with your neighbors, see if you can do some odd jobs for them. Step 4: Be patient - anything worth having is worth waiting for.
  • Some things that got my brother the game systems he's wanted: Mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow (whatever the season is); babysit; take trash out for older neighbors; walk dogs; or sell some of your unwanted things in a yard sale. Hope this helps give you some ideas.
  • As I was in a similar situation, I took a little job of washing dishes for two weeks in the holidays. I could buy a good second hand guitar with the money. (I was 15 years old then)
  • I'm pretty sure you need to be fourteen to be on AB, no?
  • you could go door to door and ask people if they have any old records, the LPs in a jacket/album, or the really old brown thick records. people will understand that everything is cd now and records just arent what they used to be. they will just give them to you. you are a young boy out collecting records. you already appreciate music. you could become familiar with the oldies and goodies so you could talk the talk. you would just build on the giant storehouse of knowledge you already have. then you could sell them on ebay. you might need a parent to set up a paypal account. this is a recession so you have to invest money to make money. you could even make cds of the really old records you come across at saturday yard sales and foreclosure sales. many people are selling off their collections at discount. you might find a great guitar at discount on craig's list. or on Ebay, or at a yard sale. you could get your dad involved and cruise the yard sales on saturdays. you would be a yard sailor. its takes hard work to make money.
  • Your saving up for a guitar too? Small world I guess. (Edit) - I got the guitar today! At a Flea Market....

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