• I blame society-at-large, and the parents for putting up with it. Ours is a violent society steeped in violence. It's time to grow up.
  • To a point, the parents- even if there is developmental disability, there can be basic knowledge of right and wrong. The kids are still the ones that did it. They bear the weight of the blame. I'm surprised the teacher didn't catch on sooner- either she was very busy or doesn't pay good attention to the kids. Hard to tell without seeing her workload. And just because someone has a disability doesn't give them a right to not obey laws- especially ones involving violence. Should the discipline be different? Probably. But this was a premeditated attack- not just a reaction. There should be some sort of discipline IMO.
  • Who are we to blame? It's hard to say. There are many things that contribute to this. One of them not being the children. At their age you cannot hold them accountable yet. I agree with My Favourite Life in that it's the fault of society and parents combined. Children need quality guidance and good morals and today's society is just plain dirty...
  • When society at large allows and encourages violence and the erosion of the distance between reality and fantasy, this is bound to happen. This is a group of kids who are witness to violence in the media, in music, in games, on television and in film. We market violent and explicit movies specifically to teens and pre-teens and parents allow it. They shrug their shoulders and say, "What can I do? If I don't allow it they'll just see it somewhere else." And they think as long as their child doesn't grow up to be a serial killer it's all okay. But these images get into kids' heads and they stay there. The line between fantasy and reality becomes very blurred. They have no sense in their young minds of long-term consequences. They can't think beyond the next ten minutes. When violence and crime is presented as entertainment, how do we expect young kids to distinguish the difference from reality? You want to know how something like this happens? Turn on the television. Check out the video games section of your local Blockbuster. Look at the movie listings in the Sunday paper. The parents bear responsibility. Society bears responsibility.
  • The Kids, absolutely. Not their video games, or their music of movie choices - they themselves. It may have been a long time since I was in grade 3, but I know from experience what a-holes grade school kids can be; the problem is, people always excuse them since they assume kids don't have the mental capacity to commit such crimes. I, again, know from experience, they are wrong.
  • It's probably a combination of things. It's easy to say it was the parents fault, but some of the blame has to be on the children themselves, even if they had learning disabilities. It's about teaching and learning how to use your conscience and having empathy towards others, how to control yourself and forgive others. These are things that with love, you can teach the youngest of children, at least start to teach them. I've seen very moral and respectful 4-5 year olds and the children in this story were not developmentally challenged, only learning, with ADHD and the like. Did all those parents do that? Have they been teaching them to respect them and all adults in authority? Since one child stood up on a chair, it doesn't sound like the parents have done their part very well. And who knows what the children have absorbed from video games and watching TV, Movies, so many of which show that taking things into your own hands, usually violently is the answer to your problems.
  • The children.

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