• Late for school, couldn't do exercises, more and more... But the badest: nobody give my any points!:-(
  • My husband is gone again on business. I don't have to be to work until 9:00, so I will while away the time here. Maybe I'll get lucky.
  • lack of sleep means Im a bitch right now. LMAO
  • I've got water in one of my ears. It feels like my ear is blocked, and I've gone 'deaf' on one side. I can't stand it when that happens! :-)
  • Whats not wrong with me should be the question. I dont think that you really want me to answer that it would be to depressing.
  • My hair looks like shit, I broke the heel on my favorite pair of oh-so-sassy black stiletto heel boots, my dog has "stolen" yet ANOTHER set of car keys, I dropped my Starbucks in the parking lot and was running too late to go back in and get another cup,my computer at work SUCKS, I had 4 hours of sleep, and I have a paper due tomorrow that I've barely even started on. And it's only 9:50 in the morning. Need I go on?
  • I am bored! I have the day off and it is cold outside again so I am stuck inside!
  • not too far so good..but I have 2 doctors appointments today so I'll find out how the test results came back...But I woke up healthy and happy and that's all that really counts..the here and now:)
  • Nothing! I'm off today, I have time to wash clothes and doodle on Answerbag AND it's a beautiful day! I'm in GREAT spirits :)
  • I'm struggling with the decision to end a relationship or stick it out a while longer, so my mind is a bit foggy today.
  • Ugh,...should I start ;) well if I concentrate on just the bad then I will have a BAD day, so I am going to think about all that is RIGHT :)
  • Sorry. I really am. The doctor says I'm getting better.
  • everything I have been sick for about a month and can't seem to shake it, it's my lungs, sinuses, body aches, ears hurt and antibiotics are not helping it!
  • I hate sounding morbid and blabbing about my problems but I need to vent.. I'm sick and haven't been able to smoke in five days, there is a bulging nerve in my back making it very very painful to walk and sit in several positions, There's a horrible looking spider bite on my toosh, My eye lid won't stop twitching, I got fired from work yesterday, my car slung a rod, my boyfriend's truck's transmission went nuts so now instead of using our saved up money to move out together we have to spend it getting our clunker cars fixed,The chick who done my hair cut it way too short, and I have so much pointless school work piled up on me, that I honestly don't know what to do first. Oh and my mom was sent to either jail or a loony bin for a very long time so now i'm not sure on how to get my SSI check from her.
  • Headache... I thought it was sinus related so I took sinus medicine, but I was wrong, now I have to wait until after lunch to take my ibuprofin. I have to type slow and soft because the clicking of the keys is making my head pound...
  • I have to go out and buy more tomato plants because something - most likely deer - dined on my formerly thriving tomato plants.

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