• If your tomatoes are already planted and growing, you can just scoop a little ash or soot on top of the soil and water them. We had a wood burning stove growing up and any time I cleaned it out for mom she would have me take the ash bucket and throw it on our rasberry bushes. (ofcourse it was always winter or early spring when we used the wood burning stove so it didn't make the fruit dirty.Otherwise just carefully scoop it right on top)
  • Careful! Ash tends to make soil more alkaline (less acidic). You need to test the Ph (acidity) of you soil and add the correct ingredient to make it more/less acidic depending on what you are growing.
  • "Soot: No longer widely available as coal fires become rarer, soot contains nitrogen, and is a good general stimulant. Don't use it fresh, as the sulphur released can damage plants. Store it somewhere dry for about three months, then apply it as a top dressing on young plants. It also improves the texture of clay soil and, because of its dark colour, helps to warm soils through absorbtion of heat. It is said to deter pests such as pea weevil, celery fly, carrot fly and slugs." Source and further information: "Grow Your Own Vegetables By Joy Larkcom",M1

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