• It certainly is if I am taking a half day off!
  • Yes, I can't wait until is time to lunch.
  • I'm a stay at home mom, so going to the bathroom is the highlight of my day. I'm finally alone, even if its for a minute.
  • It is, serving food always makes me hungry. That, and when it's time to leave.
  • It's the highlight of my day if I close business at lunch. It was probably the highlight of some lucky chili-dog eaters at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington ( He held a baby, shook hands, and ordered the house specialty, a Chili Half-Smoke.
  • LOL no! :0) The highlight of my work day is the time when I have actually finished all the tasks that I'm supposed to finish on that day. I really don't like my job because of the low salary, but it's a job, and I would always try to be the best worker that I could be.

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