• the world wide web internet
  • The Commodore 64 came with a book on Basic programming. It went on from there...
  • Intel 486. Silicon Graphics Personal IRIS 3000 Matrox Millenium. A pentium notebook that belonged to my mother that I dismantled to figure out how it worked
  • I was doing psychology at University and had to get to grips with statistics software on the PC. I found that stats were pretty much a waste of time but got hooked on computers.
  • I play music and needed some parts for my amplifiers. So I got a PC to find them and the rest is history. If you take away the internet from my life the last 10 years or so it would have been much much different.
  • My Hubby and the rest of my family have been involved with computers ever since the very first PC. Hubby had one of the first 1000 computers Apple ever made (and gave it away - it's probably worth a mint now). I resisted having anything to do with them until three years ago, when I found a really great craft group. I learned a lot from them, and then I discovered Question and Answer sites, and I've been hooked ever since.
  • I got tired of going to the library, to set my fantasy football line-up. I'm a sports geek.
  • i grew up in silicon valley, so i was pretty much born with one.
  • When I started to volunteer I needed an email address so when they had a patient that needed last minute help I could choose which one lives closest to me. I would never have bought a computer if not for that.
  • I became interested in computers in elementary school when I learned that you could do fun things with them, in addition to all of the educational stuff we usually did.
  • Chat rooms and instant messagers - Now I never go to either.
  • wasn't till about 5-6 yrs ago and i wanted to be able to do word documents, I hated to hand write any thing, a friend gave me my first PC and I found a free class that taught microsoft word course, but teacher made everybody start from keyboard on, which was OK since I knew nothing, great class. Next couple yrs was self learn from books, by then I had another PC, one from business, one for personal, it was great, till soemone stole them. so I found a class that taught me how to build them, and teacher talked me into staying for the A+, N+ course a summer class on networking and now two classes on CompTIA A+ essentials, which I t.a in alot guess its a need to keep my mind learning, as computers just keep changing and its become a great experience when I can help people when they need it
  • First of all I want to say great question. I suppose that I always liked other worlds / environments and that computers provided the perfect fodder for my imagination and I knew after my Sophomore year in college when the internet first started to exist that I found something truly lovely and beautiful that you could say, I was hooked ever since.
  • Nothing.Am not actually interested in computers except that they are another useful machine.
  • I am an infomaniac and first got on a computer at a library almost 10 years ago. I was stunned at the information available out there and bought my first computer a month later. It's like having the library of congress at my fingertips.
  • I've always been around them, and always enjoyed using them.

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