• No; friends do not do that!
  • Yes, one friend at work, is ALWAYS trying to get me to cut my hair!!!!
  • Well, I know people who want to see me yell and try to convince me to. Outside of my family, hardly anyone has seen me yell. That's why. I'm not particularly fond of yelling.
  • Nope. A real friend doesn't ask another friend to do things they know they don't WANT to do. Asking is one thing - They can ALWAYS ask - but trying to cajole you into doing something... ESPECIALLY if it's illegal, or you could get in trouble for it... is something REAL friends would NOT do. REAL friends respect your wishes, and beliefs.
  • Yes, they are always inviting me out to some activity and I just prefer to be home around my creature comforts. You would think they would stop asking by now but they haven't!
  • No, I don't have friends like that. I don't think I wold have friends that would try to get me to do bad things anymore. Maye once you get older you realize what a true friend is and learn to cultivate those kinds of relationships.
  • no, i wish, i never seem to have friends to hang out with

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