• Hmmm..first I've heard of it. I guess I lost interest somewhere.
  • Maybe it's getting closer to release. I had also heard it months ago, when they were filming it.
  • Think because movie fans are annoyed they'll have 2 wait an extra year 2 finish it. As a book fan I couldn't care less, but it sounds more like a mraketing scam than a necessity to me.
  • I expect it will be as dreadful as all the others, as one or as two movies.
  • Not heard of that. So I take it we will have one movie with our "heros" having a rather boring camping tour for 110 minutes, and another one with 90 minutes of special effects, but not much less boring. Great. Looking forward to it. yaawwwnnn.
  • Actually no it hasn't. The fact that they have only filmed five of the seven books was known and therefore the fact that there would be two more movies was known. However Big Movie Studios aren't fond of money-making movie series that just stop. It could have something to do with no new movies means no new money. So instead of two more Harry Potter films to cover the last two books, we'll have three movies to pay to go see (and then purchase on Disc). This would also explain how a prequel to "Lord of the Rings", a very short novella called "The Hobbit," can be stretched to take place over the length of two blockbuster movies. It's all about the money. Hope this helps.
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