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  • Perhaps not in so many words. (especially if you think she may get embarrassed by this) If I were you next time she compliments you on how good it is to have her feet rubbed (as invariably happens when having feet rubbed) I would let her know how much you enjoy doing it for her, and perhaps test out the water in a subtle manner. see where it leads.
  • No cause I have that same problem I want to tell but she might not feel all GD bout it as you think she is
  • It's not weird, but the aunt wouldn't be able to react a lot even if she heard your wishes. I had the same fetish (for bare feet) already at the age of 4 (four!) years. Well, if you tell her that you like doing it, she will ask you once more, try it; but there is also the possibility that she takes her advantage of it (e. g. not giving you anything for doing this or even enjoying to tell you that you're a pervert), even if it's common, because women just say what they want if they can. So you're quite normal.
  • no please dont. im 13 and when i told someone i felt ashamed the next day:(
  • Foot fetishes are quite normal.
  • Don't feel bad Iv'e had foot fetish since younger than that. If you want to keep enjoying rubbing her feet I wouldn't tell her lol
  • i wouldnt tell her ive had a foot fetish alot younger than that and alot fo woman are oppose to you touching or licking there feet so get as much of it in while you can
  • Its not weird. I have a foot fetish and so does my 4 year old, and no I didn't ever show him my fetish so he got it on his own. As for your aunt, I'd just give her the foot massages and see how that went before saying anything, then just let her know that anytime she wants another one to just let you know. In other words, just be subtle and see how it goes...and let us know!
  • take the plunge. the worst thing that could happen is that it would be chalked up to a 14 year old with hormones. i would just say you have really nice feet, i love messaging them and could i kiss them. if she says yes start kissing, then sucking. either that or just go for it and hope for the best. there is a good chance since she is asking you to give her messages that she wants you to do this.
  • hey, if I was in your place, I will tell her during I'am massaging her feet that she has pretty feet and if she anyday was tired and she need a foot massage I will massage her feet.That the best sentence to say to your aunt and to see her reaction.

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