• you can only really see a smile you can't hear, smell, taste or feel another persons smile.
  • I smell a trick question here, it's a touchy subject for my taste. I've heard that seeing a genuine smile can brighten up your day.
  • What if the person you were describing to was blind? I am writing a paper describing a smile using all the 5 senses. I, too, think you have to see a smile. Help!
  • 'What is a smile?' asked a blind person. 'Have you ever touched something soft or heard something pleasing? A smile is what often ensues. Its the visible expression on the face caused by an emotion. Like when you're happy to meet someone or recognizing your favorite music being played.' 'I see you smile all the time when you're happy or excited. It can be felt by yourself. Your teeth show sometimes and the bigger the smile the more your cheeks lift up.' 'Touch my face as I smile. Can you feel how my face moves? A smile is made up of many muscles. If you touch someone's face as they're smiling often enough, you'll be able to recognize all the different smiles. That is if they're willing to sit and share jokes with you all day, right? ... See that's a smile!' 'Can a smile be smelled, tasted or heard?' 'Not really... well, sort of. Breath can be smelled, but it pretty much smells the same whether someone is sighing or laughing. Perhaps you could tell the difference by feeling the breath, but not by smell.' 'Smiles can't be tasted unless you're kissing someone smiling and it tastes like fruity lip balm. A smile might be heard, but this hearing would be more of a guess based on your recollection of a person from being around them so often. Like if you tell me a joke that's funny you can be sure I'm smiling, especially if you hear a giggle.' 'Does that answer your question?'

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