• Yes, because they are poor.
  • My brother-in-law, because he's a certifiable idiot.
  • yes. because he and his wife both work min wage job and try their best to keep the family of 7 in an apartment - and computers are secondary to cars and rent
  • I didn't own one until about a year ago. Never thought I needed one. I knew I didn't want technology is pretty scary. But because of my new line of work I needed to have an email. And that is how it all started.
  • Yes, my mom does not own one.....she has macular degeneration in both eyes....and is legally blind. She has tried to learn with the fonts very large and some different software....but it is too hard for her. And her husband has Alzheimers disease and does not know what a computer is.
  • Yes I know several ... ... a few are just too poor and on welfare, a few are mentally handicapped and can not seem to understand them, a family I know are Hutterites and reject most technology on a religious basis, including electricity and therefore computers too, and several more people I know are Canadian natives that live in remote arctic wilderness areas without electricity.
  • One of my friends doesn't have a tv or a computer. She thinks technology ruins a lot of people, plus she is not home too often so it is just extra bills. (ex: some people cheat on their s/o through myspace/facebook...even psp) I think they are valid reasons. If I didn't need my laptop for school I would probably do the same thing (I could DEFINATELY live without the tv). Maybe...
  • Yes because he's cheap he's convinced mine is evil because it takes up too much of my time
  • Yes, several people. They have no use or interest in them.
  • Definitely! My next door neighbors don't! They're both elderly.
  • Yes..a few. My mom for one..she's scared to death of them. I have 3 and offered to set her up with one but she declined.
  • my best mate doesn't have one and thats because he's too tight to buy one!! seriously..he doesn't feel the need because he uses the computers at work when he needs to. Although his daughter has just moved to Germany for a few years so now he's thinking of buying one so he can use a web cam to talk to her :-)
  • There were some holdouts at the senior center I used to go to. Some were phobic of new things. Some were convinced it was not worth the trouble to learn how.

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