• Affirmative!
  • Yes, they can hurt them. One of my cats was caught by two dogs and they were playing tug of war with her. My neighbors had to beat the dogs off of her with sticks. She almost died.
  • The cats usually take it easy on the dog. :-)
  • Sometime, But my kitty has claws, LOL.
  • i would think so. dogs usually are not fond of us cats, i know we shouldn't taunt them though when they are on a leash but it is very hard not to.
  • it depends. some would most definatly - others wouldn't know what to do once they actually got to the cat. i personally have two dogs, and i THINK one might hurt a cat if he got it - but i've never let him get to one to test the theory out. my advice? assume ALL dogs will hurt the cat, because you never know which will and which won't.
  • My money is always on the cat, they have 18 sharp bits called claws that a dog does not have! Plus they are more agile and can move much faster. I guess a dog could hurt a cat, but I still place my bets on the cat doing major damage to the dog, I breed both siamese cats and pomeranian dogs (used to have german shepherds) and I know without a doubt who rules the roost here!
  • the cat always gets it.
  • I've seen dogs tear cats in half, literally. But sometimes a cat will swipe at a dog's nose and that will put an end to it.
  • Some do. My best friend had a dog that they did not let anywhere near any cats. He was the sweetest dog I ever knew, but he was a Siberian Husky and his instinct said to take the cat's head in his mouth and snap its neck. Dogs raised with and around cats often make friends with the cats, but I liked angel_of_mercy's advice to assume a dog chasing a cat will hurt it if he's successful in catching it.
  • My dog caught a cat once and nearly ripped it to shreds in a few short seconds. But my dog was nuts, it ate a porcupine once and could fight dogs three times his size.
  • usually, but sometimes they only sell them insurance and Amway products.
  • Big ones usually do, but little ones usually like chasing and barking to intimidate and then scare them off.
  • They certainly can, depends on how they were raised and if they were raised around other animals. My sister's golden retriever always chases cats, but when she catches up to them, she just sniffs them and wants to play (nudges them to make them run more). But like I said, she was raised around other animals including cats
  • Dogs, especially if there is more than one and acting on pack instinct, often hurt cats, even kill them.
  • Some dogs (particularly those trained to attack) will kill them. Other dogs, if they do catch up or corner the cat, will get scratched. Cats have claws and generally fight back pretty well.
  • yea i heard they like to chuw on the ***** nasty. xp
  • Sometimes, but other times they are playing. If I were a cat, I wouldn't let him catch me to find out.
  • Many dogs, particularly Huskies, will cats and other small animals given the chance. One strong bite severs the spinal column. A Husky got onto a friend's farm once and killed about 12 small animals. It didn't stop to eat any, it just killed one after another. Each had its spine broken.
  • Yes. I had a dog once who was a cat-killer =/
  • Some do. My friend's cat was killed by a neighbour's German Shepherd. My dog will chase a cat but doesn't know what to do after that. She's been scratched on the nose a few times and is wary of them now.

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