• they can even flush!
  • amazingly YES. "If the toilet is your last bastion of peace and quiet, beware, you may soon have to fight a cat for the prime throne spot. An Australian woman has designed, and is now selling, a system to train cats to use a toilet. 'Litter Kwitter,' the toilet training system went on sale in December, and at 89 U.S. dollars a piece, 20 thousand units have already been sold." check out the reuters article: here are some more cats that have learned how to use the toilet:
  • and again!
  • You can train your cat to use the toilet and there are kits out there that make it easy. Check out - You can also view some photos and videos of toilet trained cats at
  • What are you looking at me for?
  • I'm so gona teach this to my cat tommorow
  • This totally can be done. The most popular kit in the states is CitiKitty -
  • I did have a cat many years ago, Elvira, that would use the toilet if we left the seat up. We did not train her to do it, she did it on her own.
  • I would only do that if my cat were a Bengal tiger. Only then would the cat's butt fit on the toilet seat.
  • While I have never seen these products before, I have trained cats to open the bathroom door, turn the light on, use the toilet, flush, turn the light off, and close the bathroom door on their way out ... All I had to do was replace the round door knobs with with a 6" long crescent lever handle that a cat can easily jump up and pull down on, replace the tiny light switch with left (on) & right (off) 2" square buttons that can be tapped easily, and replace the flush control with a longer lever flush handle ... then teach the cat to use them ... starting at about 3 months old, it took about 5 to 6 weeks for the kitten/cat to get everything perfect ...
  • I don't think ocelots can legally be kept as pets anymore, but they do easily adapt to using a toilet. In the wild, they climb a tree overhanging a stream or river to do #2. So toilets are pretty much second nature to them.

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