• Everybody is on Myspace.
  • cause i suck at this whole computer/ technology thing... it'll take me too long to figure everything out, and by the time i do, everyone else will be off in some other place! :)
  • Because I am a grown ass man. lol
  • Because if I'm online and want to find out what's going on on Answerbag, wouldn't I just go to... Answerbag? :P
  • What is the link to Facebook Answerbag group?
  • I have a Facebook account and I'm with the " Answerbaggers " thats the name of our group from AB -- + 5
  • I didn't even know such a group existed. However, I too, like other ABers who answered your question, am just not into these internet pages/groups were you have a "page" and post your pictures, your favourite poems/songs/performing artist/videogame/whatever. Most of my computer time is spent on AB and researching topics(services I'm interested in.
  • Becuase the person who created it got fed up with answerbag and stopped using answerbag THUS stopped checking the facebook group.
  • I've seen the Answerbag group on Facebook, but I'm not joining it because I don't really want my friends in real life to find me here.
  • Only a complete donkey can post their data and photo(s) on Facebook or another public website where it's being processed by domestic and foreign intelligence. Facebook is your voluntary file against yourself. Did you notice how all the big companies are pushing Facebook to everyone recently? Facebook is interested in your life, your everything, easy access to your data and you are a Fool on another end who is volunteering his own data to a shark's mouth.
  • I think my AB account is enough.

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