• When they become teenagers.
  • When they are no longer innocent.
  • when you stop being a child....remember "i must grow old, but i'll never grow up"
  • Yeah, it's funny watching people blubber on about 'precious little children and babies' and then reject them as adults. It makes me think of when puppies get dumped because no one cares about them when they're a little older.
  • Everyone is special!
    • rooruu
      I agree. Everyone is special but NOT everyone gets treated as such which is a shame. The Lord said, 'Do unto others as you would like done unto you.' If I want to be treated like a slob, then I'll treat others like slobs.
    • Linda Joy
      Everyone gets treated as such by God. The rest of us aren't so perfect.
  • All people are special, young and or old. This is the Lord God's promise to us. We have to but accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour. Although we are all special in God's eyes we will not have the Joy and Freedom He promises us unless we accept Jesus Christ. It is far better to live under the Law of Love than the old law that brings death.

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