• No. They don't even notice when I'm 7 months pregnant, and that's more than "a little" weight!
  • if they see you every single day, like you best freinds, i dont think they will notice much, but when you meet someone after a long time, or someone you dont really see everyday... they probably will notice if you lost 10 pounds or more.
  • Actually, if you notice it on yourself, then others notice it on you. You see yourself every day, therefore the changes that occure over longer periods of time, are less noticible. But when you see someone at an event, then a month later at the grochery, and you've gained weight, they will notice.
  • Depend if they are hyper critical. I do not gain weight much.
  • It's pretty noticeable if I gain weight because I don't carry much fat to begin with. Even a little would be noticeable.
  • They notice but are too polite to say anything.
  • Not when I gain a little, but lately I gained a lot and yes they noticed.
  • Since my weight hasn't varied more than a couple of pounds either way in over 40 years I'd say "no"! :)
  • A little, no. Others wouldn't notice if I lost 20 lbs. I know this to be true because it's happened more than once.
  • I don't know... when I went to college I gained 5 or 6 pounds over the first couple months, thankfully not the 'freshman 15' or whatever. But nobody really noticed anything. I was the one that noticed every single minuscule detail about my body... but that is just because I'm really critical of myself. But then, maybe you consider more than 5 pounds 'a little weight' but I think mostly not that many people notice unless they are as familiar with your body as you are.

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