• Lost your keys? No problem! Simply pull off the plastic cover under the steering wheel, exposing several wires. 'You need to use all these wires to get the car going,' says Tim Ross, an undercover New Jersey Police officer specialising in car theft. Don't rush, you could still be gone in 60 seconds. 'Firstly, you need to get the ignition on. Touch the two matching red wires together,' explains Tim. 'If you're successful the dash will light up.' Now the ignition's on, you can power up the starter motor. Crossing the brown lead with the reds should crank over and kick off the engine. You're in business. You did check it wasn't in gear didn't you? No? Then you'd better read Maxim's 'How to remove your head from a steering wheel'. Now rev it up, taking care not to stall - you've had enough of wires - engage gear and drive off without looking guilty. After all, it's your car so you should have nothing to worry about. Right? From Maxim Magazine's UK Edition Nor did it account for the many devices that are engaed to prevent theft, but it is what I could find :)
  • If you really need to know then just go to utube lol. They have about three great vids on it covering domestics and imports, they also cover the stearing problem for most cars.
  • the steering lock is easy to break all you have to do is forcefully turn the wheel left and then right a few times each time making it looser. this is better achieved with two people
  • using a screwdriver you pop the key ignition open. when you find the two wires which are red connect them this will cause instant ignition.

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