• That kind of Hollywoodish stuff never happens to me or have I done it to anyone else.
  • yes when i was younger it happened a lot more....recently i got hit on by the pizza guy haha...
  • Many years ago on a train I was flirted with which turned out to be more than flirting :)
  • Nope. Flirting is pretty much rocket science to me. I know SOME people out there get it, and actually understands how to use it sucessfully, but I haven't got the slightest cluse myself. . And some people may have tried to flirt with me, but tbh I wouldn't notice a flirt (as in the action) even if it danced in front of me naked only wearing a polka dotted tie..
  • I tried to flirt with some girl on the plane from Miami to London, because it was a long plane ride and she was really cute. But her mother, who was apparently two rows back, was not very keen on it. But usually later on in the evening, when I'm returning home from whatever I've been doing, I do strike up conversation on the train. Some would consider it flirting, and sometimes it is.
  • Yup, I've been hit on at bus stops, on a bus, internet cafés, escalators, airports, and grocery stores (A GREAT DEAL!) All I've done is looked in some guys direction and some have come right beside me. I'm thinking, I just looked at you because I was looking in that
  • this weird guy was flirting with me in a taxi and would not shut up. His first words are you are pretty i want a girl friend. It took him a while to realise i was not paying him no mind.
  • i went to key west once and this guy kept following me around hitting on me in front of my mom and her friend. it was akward.
  • all the time, there's a lot of random flirting that goes on everyday. in class, bus, coffee shops, stores, school hallways .. lol. .. maybe it's cause i'm a shameless flirt ;)
  • Yes and No , I do not think I know how to flirt.
  • Growing up the painfully shy person with low self-esteem that I am...I never have "flirted"...don't really know how to! I didn't need to flirt to to click with my s/o. I guess I'm just fortunate!
  • Yes and yes :)
  • I have flirted on public transportation. I didn't do it well, but I did it.
  • Name the place and I can almost guarantee it has happened.
  • Before Christmas I went to Chicago to visit a college friend and on the plane on the way back I flirted hard with the cute guy sitting next to me the entire flight. When we landed, he asked for my number, and I told him I thought our relationship had run it's course and it was time to move on. It was fun. Mean, but fun.

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