• Yes because I am introverted and only 1.5% of the population have my type of personality.
  • I find it rather easy myself but many struggle with it. I have always been a sort of a people person so it does come easy for me.
  • In some ways, yes. I'm a very quiet, reserved person but I try my best.
  • No. I'll talk to just about anyone.
  • Very much so. Its pretty easy though to be social here when no one has to look at me.
  • As long as I'm not around a big crowd of people I don't know I am very sociable. I know how to make small talk so that comes in handy.
  • Not really. Yeah, there are times when I don't particularly feel like talking to people, but I don't find it hard to be social.
  • On a good day ? No ! On a day when I'm depressed or in a dark funk ? Yes ! Very hard! I just want to be left alone!
  • At times.
  • Yes I do. I like small groups of people, but sometimes even that is hard to deal with as I am shy and sometimes just have the hardest time finding things to say. I'm not good at being the ice breaker though I do work at it, and try to improve. I actively work at keeping eye contact too and the more I do it, the better more natural it feels.
  • sometimes it's very hard,somtimes it's not ,dependes on who it is.
  • No, not in small groups...but I am poor at 'cocktail chatter'--it is just too meaningless for me...
  • If it is for work, I am right out there. I am the one putting others at ease. It is a face I have learned to put on. As soon as it is personal I turn into the worst wallflower in the world. I just want to hide.
  • Sometimes I think that no matter what I say, it will come out stupidly, and I'll look like a fool. Other times, I'll have supreme confidence and be afraid of nothing. I think being optimistic helps a great deal with confidence, and therefore being social :)
  • Yes. People keep telling me that I'm not good at being social, because I say stupid things. I can't help that. I just talk like an idiot. Apparently, you have to talk well to be social can't just say anything.
  • If you have asperger's syndrome, which I do, you are not able to read social signals and socializing can be agony. I know that I am missing and misreading signals that tiny children have already learned, or were born with an awareness of. It makes me look like a dip sometimes, and an unsympathetic creep at other times. I have learned how to deal with it better over the decades, but there will always be difficulty in social settings for me.
  • It's very hard for me. There are days when I wake up and can't leave my apartment. I start breathing funny and my heart pounds. I can't help it. It's a social anxiety disorder. Fancy name for a life altering problem!
  • It is much more difficult in person for me because it is not just your words that are being judged but nonverbal messages as well. How you look, your tone of voice, the speed at which you speak, how confident your message appears, etc.. are all tacked onto simple words. The one message that is sent here might have 10 more unintentionally tacked on to it in person.
  • I have Social Anxiety DIsorder so it is very hard for me but I do it anyway and probably overcompensate. I will always be a little afraid that I may say "the wrong thing". I have to try harder not to speak as much as I do...

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