• Without expressing my own views one way or the other on the fence issue: Perhaps someone who is accusing you of that is thinking that the only reason you would advocate the fence is to keep Mexicans out of the U.S. Perhaps that person does not see any reason to keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S. Perhaps then, he or she can only chalk your reasoning up to the color of skin (Hispanic/Latin etc "race" being "darker" than the average "white" American. I happen to think accusing someone of being a racist in regards to such an issue as this where there are pros and cons on both sides and a bevy of socio-political and legal issues is a cop out. It says to me that the person accusing you of being a racist either does not understand the real arguements on both sides of the issue or they are too lazy to learn and discuss it (no matter which side you are on).
  • Hey C.S...From what I know of you, this is not true. I agree completely with Daley's answer. I too, have been called a racist for having the same view. When this happens, I explain that, No, I am not a racist, I am a nationalist. I believe that a country is defined by several things, One is culture. Another is Borders, and another is language...By allowing unchecked immigration from anywhere, you lose these things. I have absolutely NO problem with those who want to come here legally and assimilate into our culture. That means learning the language, and following the laws of this country. Now, we have a HUGE influx of people sneaking in, demanding we change OUR culture to accommodate them.. This influx isn't coming from our northern border, it is coming from the southern border.. We must protect ourself from losing our culture to the 3rd world..
  • .. by not recognizing that the U.S has no right to decide who enters its borders as Mexico and all other countries do or that's what the people calling you that believe.
  • Being called a racist is wrong. I for one don't think it will stop the infiltration of potential terrorists and illegal aliens not just from the south but from other countries that have found that it is quite easy to sneak over the border. If we are to build a fence on our south border then we should build one on our north.Only about 60% of illegal immigrants are from Mexico, Central and South America.
  • Liberals will do this every time. Check the employment records of those who say this.
  • It doesn't. It only means you are concerned with the inland security of the U.S. and keeping illegal immigrants out. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Advocating a reinforced fence anywhere does not make you a racist. It's the assumption the labelers make as to why you are in favor of it. Being in favor of something illegal is an altogether different label that is ignored.
  • I can't explain it, because that doesnt make you a racist. you just dont want any more people to come into our country. Now, if you beleive that other people (non mexicans) should be allowed to enter the United States and mexicans shouldn't, then that would make you a racist.
  • I think the "racist" card has been played enough these days.... There are legal ways to come into the United States. Unfortunately the drug/people smugglers transporting across the Mexican/American border are not interested in "being legal". So if it means putting a reinforced fence along the US southern border to help slow down the illegal traffic then lets do it. Nothing racist there, just librals who want something to rant about.
  • It doesn't. It makes you concerned about whether or not the immigration laws and borders are enforced.
  • i don't see it as racist, but i do see it as a huuuge waste of money because it will do very little to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. the only way to do it would be to build a wall like the berlin wall and the expense of that would be way out of the question.
  • They likely meant "zenophobe", no? ;-)
  • It doesn't make you racist not one bit...makes you smart! If you enjoy what you do and are happy with yourself don't let anyone else bring you down with their words. Forget them and do what you believe. There are plenty who support me.
  • I think you mis-understood the word "wastist", meaning that you were for wasting tax payers money on something that won't work.
  • I wouldn't say your a racist, but the idea really has no merit. it is true that 50% of the illegals come from the Mexican border, however that doesn't mean they are all Mexican, since the route to the US from all South American countries is through Mexico, but that still leaves half of the Illegals coming in from other sources, Most come to the US with a Visa, and just never return, so there are lots of people from other countries, but every time they talk about illegals on the news, they show a file photo of the Mexican border.
  • Ignore it. Generally the people that resort to personal attacks like that are unable to make intelligent arguments. You are not a racist because you want to build a fence. I'm wondering if the only other real alternative to building a fence is annexing Mexico.
  • I don't believe it makes you a racist. The country needs to control the illegal immigration problem. Unfortunately, the political and business classes don't want to tackle the problem or enforce the laws against it.
  • I don't think it makes you racist, but I do think it's misguided thinking. We had little immigration trouble until the recent past. There were always some illegals, but never enough to be a huge concern. Either way a fence won't stop it because a huge percentage are already here and even if you could stop it, the point is? Secure our borders? We have NEVER had nor should we ever have closed borders less we become worse than the very people we despised for so long. The majority of everyone who would come here would also gladly defend it if push comes to shove. I live in Texas where a LOT of illegals are and have openly spoken to a lot who have told me they would gladly defend this way of life. Try to keep them all out and the result would be to make even more enemies. Why not a giant fence with Canada? It's even longer.
  • The "racist" moniker, is the trump card for those who know their position is shaky.

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