• I'm say for no reason, yet you also say you have no insurance? Isn't that a reason?
  • I gotta concur with Sharpie on this one. Are you saying that he gave you ticket for no insurance even though you provided him with proof of insurance?
  • yes, and you are lucky this wasn't Cicero, because you could have had your car impounded.
  • Really.. cops can pull you over JUST to check for that stuff... insurance, drivers licence, registration.. because it is an offence not to have. Suspicion that a driver does not have any one of those is reason, and owning a car is enough suspicion to be pulled over!
  • Ther HAD to have been a reason they followed you. I have gotten away with some crazy shit IN FRONT OF STATIES and they didn't bat an eyelash. Q.E.D., you must have fucked up somewhere. I have had a similar incident in my past but under the circumstances, the ticket I got (address on license did not match address on registration) was light compared to what would've happened if I'd been ticketed for the offenses I actually committed. When a statie has another motorist pulled over and you do an unsignalled lane change and miss them by inches while traveling at... higher than posted speed, they have every right to sodomize you (metaphorically, not physically).
  • dont sound like it
  • There was a reason he followed you. He just doesn't have to tell you. And yes, he can pull you over in your driveway. And yes, he can give you a ticket for no insurance. Good luck fighting that in court.

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