• I really like Almay, Nearly Naked. Its awesome for the summer cuz its water proof and not that exspensive either. They make it for all shades of skin and you can get it a your local drug store.
  • Its not good to use any constantly. Your skin needs to breathe, and wearing foundation too often can lead to spots. It's best saved for "dressy" looks and for when you know you'll be photographed - such as weddings, formal paties, that kind of thing- for everyday wear it's rarely necessary and can make you look overdone. Stick with just using a little concealer and some powder. However, my choice for when you do use it would be L'oreal's Airwear- you only need a little.
  • It totally depends on your skin type. There are so many different types of foundation to use, that it's impossible to generalise. A non-comodgenic one is a must, this means that it is a lot less likely to cause blackheads. I have combination skin, ie. it's oily but with dry patches, and I use Clarins multi matt day foundation. It's a liquid and provides excellent coverage. Some brands tend to specialise in darker skins, and others in lighter skins. Try Bobbi Brown if you have a darker skin, she has a really great range.
  • you should get bare escentuals. they have the best and it is all oil free. they work the best. you can get it online at or
  • i like maybelline age rewind , great coverage with a natural finish
  • Bare minerals is amazing I have been using it for awhile now and it really lightens your face and feels great
  • almay it stays on all day and gives ur skin a lovely glow
  • Revlon is not gunky and it smooth and comfortable. :) Love ya
  • Merle Norman foundations are wonderful. If you are lucky enough to have a Merle Norman studio in your area, they offer makeovers and good advice, as well as quality products. Merle Norman's base contains zinc oxide and can even be used on blemishes to help heal them. I worked part-time for this company for a couple years and can tell you it's "good stuff". However, no foundation in the world can help you if you need to address certain skin care issues. A good and regularly-used skincare regimen will boost whatever foundation you choose. Another thought: pricier does not mean better. Often drugstore brands are owned by the same company as those sold in department store, i.e, L'Oreal and Lancome. Often, it's just the packaging that separates the two.
  • Well, i like the covergirl, true match. But, its just me. every persons skin is different. try everything and youll find something you like.
  • I use MaryKay and it work pretty well and doesn't make me break out or anything.
  • From a guys point of veiw, dont use any, natural is always best.
  • I like Neutrogena. It's gentle and so blendable I defy MOTOARENA to tell I'm wearing it. I never wore any foundation before I found it because I too like a totally natural look. This just evens out skin tone with no lines. The kind I use actually helps prevent breakouts...not that I worry too much about that now.
  • Of all the foundations I have used, Clinique is the best. All of their product is oil free, AND it looks as natural as you can get. So if you want a price less expensive (around $20-$30 on average) than Bare Minerals (which is expensive but very good as well), but still does an adequate job, then go fro Clinique. Defiantely worth the money.
  • Clinique works really well for me. It is light and it gives you more of a sheer look then a cakey make-up look.
  • maybelline dream matte mousee followed by loose powder
  • The "Clinique" system works great on my wife.
  • Cover-Girl Tru-Blend. 97% can find their right shade.
  • Any type of loose powder works well for me. I don't tend to use foundation because it leads to lots of gross pore clogging and such, but I try to take good care of my skin.
  • Im a bit of a makeup addict and I have tried just about every foundation there is to try. Lor'eal I have found is the BEST so far!! Im loving it! It looks great especially if you use the powder to go over the foundation-:)
  • Mac is the best make up for face and eyes
  • Sheer Cover is better than bare escentuals...and also less expensive. It is a mineral foundation as well.
  • I would recommend Alamay clear complexion, it's helped my face a great deal.
  • The ones with multiple shades in it. NOT LIQUIDS! don't use those! liquids are horrible unless you can make them look right. Stick to more expensive powders and find the right shade for you!

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