• Once upon a time the goddess Circuitee daily sat on a rock by a stream in the forest, brushing her long, straight, wiry black hair. She hated the fact that it was so dull and straight, and longed for full rich curls. There was a road which crossed the stream, and a small wooden bridge which allowed travelers passage. Each day she made a habit of stopping one traveler and pleading with them for the secret of rich curls, but none knew the answer to her question. Then one day a wizard happened along the road. Circuitee asked him, as she had to so many others, "Oh kind sir, please tell me if you can... how can I have rich beautiful curls in my long hair?" The wizard stopped and grunted, mildly annoyed at having his private musings disrupted by this vain child. "Why do you want curls? There's nothing wrong with your hair! This is nothing but vanity!" "But I feel so sad and ugly!", she replied. "My sister Entangless has beautiful curly hair, and many suitors. I have dull, straight hair, and no suitors. I fear I'm a terrible failure." At this, the wizard had pity upon poor Circuitee, and he said "I can grant your desire, but there is a price to be paid". She was very excited: "Of course, I will pay it if I'm able!" "If I grant you lovely curls, there will be two consequences: firstly, you must live and sleep under the table in the house of your future husband.", he said. She thought about this a moment, then replied "I will do that." "The second consequence is that your suitors will fight only the Dragons of Byte. If you are captured by any other dragons, they will be helpless to assist you". Ciruitee thought this a minor inconvenience, and laughed lightly. "But of course that's silly, I expect I should never be captured by ANY dragons! I accept your terms!" And with that, the wizard waved his wand, and there was a blinding flash of light, and Circuitee's straight hair became hopelessly entangled beyond all straightening. Thus it came to pass that she resides under the desks of geeks everywhere, pitifully ignored while they invest all of their waking hours fighting dragons in World of Warcraft.
  • Those wires are made of smaller wires twisted around each other.
  • Unconsciously we always turn things around one way all the time either clockwise or counterclockwise. Once we have move something enough times it will wrap cc or ccc depending on how we are unconsciously turn or microphones or whatever equipment.
  • Scientifically speaking, knots happen. There was recently a physics experiment that proved any substantial length of string (or a wire, which is basically a metal and plastic string), will inevitably curl around itself and form knots and tangles. It was a rather interesting article, found at I rather like this more interesting approach to physics. A suggestion following that science to keep things from knotting up, you have to keep the ends from moving, specifically around each other. If you do this, then pulling the ends should undo any tangles. Ideally, you would coil the entire length of wire, making it completely immobile.

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